Find out what your friends are capable of in this adult party game of hilarious dares and terrible truths!

Truth Serum is guaranteed to have you all laughing throughout the night. Win cards by tackling your choice of truth or dare. Answer truthfully enough and you will be awarded the card – hold back and your card will be withheld. Or take a dare and get ready to do something outrageous in the pursuit of victory!

Don’t hold back, and don’t expect your opponents to either. We suggest you do not play this with your family and that you leave your dignity at the door – you won’t need it.


  • Takes 2 minutes to learn and plays in 20 minutes.
  • A simple and beautifully packaged pocket-sized box.
  • Plays best with 3 or more players, ages 17 and up.

Game Contents:

  • Playing Cards
  • Instructions Shee

Truth Serum- Truth or Dare Game

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